ROKU is an authorized ROKU developer, as well as a channel designer with Streamstor/IMAVEX.

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Do you have a library of content? Do you have an audience, large or small? Do you have a brand or product you’d like to sell? Do you want to livestream as well as video on demand your content? can help you develop ROKU channels, manage them, and monetize them.

Broadcasting has changed drastically with set top boxes. Now, access is readily available for the independent content creator to also become their own broadcaster. Ever wanted to own a TV station? Its possible, affordable and profitable!

Here’s some simple math:

  • a subscription model of video on demand (VOD) content may cost $4.99/month per subscriber – nominal fee, costing $59.88 a year
  • 1000 subscribers will equal $4990 per month, $59,880 per year
  • the typical cost of setting up a channel is $5,000 to $10,000 one time fee
  • the typical monthly cost of channel per month is $500
  • so for a set up cost of $10k, and yearly operations cost of $6k, the total cost to run a channel is $16k
  • this model, without advertising or media buys yet, is profiting at $43,880, which can go to creating or licensing new content and livestreams
  • sponsors and advertisers will purchase media buys and impressions at the same rate as online, but get full real estate video advertising akin to mainstream broadcast media
  • additional advertising and ad sales models exist for niche content, depending on audience size

But we don’t stop there – the content and channel design for ROKU can be ported to other devices and services, as they become¬†available. Your content could be on every platform the comes out, once the video settings are available. From phones to TVs, your content is as flexible as your audience.

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