Occupy Wall Street 10th Anniversary Poster Design

For Occupy Wall Street’s 10th Anniversary, I was asked by the LA contingent to design a commemorative poster for their upcoming days of action. I was also tasked with making a template set for any OWS location to use for their own events.

The design directive was unity, a rainbow coalition of groups and organizations, moving forward, collective change. The mood was to be upbeat and colorful, while still giving a nod to the original ballerina on the Wall Street Bull image. The result was two designs that kept a gritty, grassroots, homemade feel to the font treatment, and in the texture of the background.

Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances in LA, the event ended up being cancelled. The poster and branding has been used on livestreams about the anniversary, and I encourage anyone with OWS who wants to utilize this template set for an anniversary event, hit me up! I’m still getting a full sized print of this though lol…

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