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Events can be made all the more interactive and fun with a digital photo booth, that allows for still and animated gif user sharable content.

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Tired of seeing everyone on their phone, or selfie-ing instead of partying at an event? A photo booth is a great way to get people off their phones and into a group activity that still allows them to capture and share the moment.

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Photo booth footprint can be as simple as one light and one tripod, or as extensive as a full backdrop and set, with costumes for the guests. The images can be shared immediately online, emailed or printed on site, depending on the package the user chooses.

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Photo booths are great for product launches, allowing for branding of the images on share or print. Photo booths are also great for weddings, birthdays, company parties and holiday events.2016-06-10 21.39.27-1

Pricing starts at $750 for a three hour booth with two attendants, one focused on engaging the crowd, the other on managing the booth. A standard setup includes a custom step and repeat or backdrop, two lights, two attendants and a printing station, currently $2000 for a four hour setup.

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Packages can be customized to your event. Please contact us at if you have further questions or require booking information.

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