Rockin’ With You has been at the cutting edge of streaming video technologies for over a decade. Now, a new app, Switcher Studio, offers the show directing environment on an iPad. What used to take an entire rack of equipment can now be done with an iPad and a few iPhones, to Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

We are producing an urban lifestyle show, Rockin’ With You, hosted by Ana Rokafella Garcia and DJ KS 360. The first show featured their lively banter, along with two guests – Ella, a dancer from London, who spoke about Brexit and what hip hop dance means to Londoners; and DJ DP ONE, who talk about his career and what motivates him.

Switcher Studio
Switcher Studio

The first show had a few bumps and kinks to work out, but the result is still pretty impressive for an app run switcher:

The original show was broadcast live to it’s Facebook page:

Impressions on the day of the live show were upward of 1000 viewers, throughout the day. That’s a good start on a 10 episode series, that will be broadcast weekly.

The feel is casual, urban and lifestyle focused. Guests will be from music, dance and urban businesses, as well as having discussions on issues affecting the urban communities.

If you are interested in sponsoring the show, we are selling media buys, both on-air shout outs and commercial roll ins/logo plates, starting at $200. Please contact if you are interested in discussing sponsorship further.

If you are interested in hiring to produce your live show, please contact us at – we can have you looking and sounding professional for your next broadcast, for under $500, to start.

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