Figment on Governor’s Island

Another group of collaborators allowed participants to take the reigns as VJ and DJ, in their colorful project “Play + Draw.” “The idea is that you could be us for a little while and play with video and sound, with different fields of texture,” explained Melissa Ulto, a digital video specialist who also performs as VJ Miixxy. “There are more applications of this work than just a nightclub setting—anywhere from ambient installation in your own home to something interactive a kid could play with.”

Ulto and her collaborators, Mark Alan Johnson (VJ DoctorMojo) and founder of VJs Magazine Guillaume Lauzier, took a back seat to allow for a complete participant-hijack.  Users toyed with trance-like electronic music and created animations that were streamed live on the internet.  Speaking more loudly as she turned up the electronic beats, Ulto assured, “We have this up on Livestream and Facebook, It’s tweeted, Vined, and Instagrammed. We’re making sure it’s everywhere.”

Figment 2013 Project coverage – from a story by Matthew Farina @ HYPERALLERGIC:

“Play + Draw” allowed participants to freely navigate DJ and VJ technologies while their actions were streamed live on the internet. The project was a collaboration between Melissa Ulto, Guillaume Lauzier and Mark Alan Johnson. (VDMX programming, video mapping, projection system design, technical direction and production coordination were provided by Mojo Video Tech Inc.)
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