Music Video for Lee Taylor – A Letter For A Friend #LGBTQ #suicideawareness

A Letter To A Friend – Lee Taylor/Wild Woman Records from Melissa Ulto on Vimeo.


I partnered with my friend, Lee Taylor, on her song “Letter To A Friend”, and created this stock-only lyric music video. It was important to find a unifying theme for the visuals and use that as a through line. I focused on the lyrics about the beach and dreaming. The visuals easily followed, and the animation for the lyrics was created using water elements. The final step was grading and color treating the video content, to both maintain a unifying visual color palette, and to make sure the white text of the lyric animations would be visible. The result is a powerful LGBTQ+ suicide awareness music video that reminds those in crisis to pick up the phone.

a gif of one of the key lyrics
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