Lewis Spears for JC Website

As part of my ongoing activism and support of my community, I am proud to present the Lewis Spears for JC website, which I design and launched last weekend. Based on the branding created by Tyqawn Headen of Workofficial.net, and a quick site hierarchy discussion with the campaign team, I was able to quickly create the site’s new look and functionality. Hosting is graciously provided by Cherrell Angervil of CANGMedia. Please see the site directly or preview it here with the following screen captures:


Above the fold on the new design, with a full video playlist


Below the fold we start with the calls to action to learn more about Lewis and to volunteer. Here we also see the supporter carousel.


More calls to action include voter registration. We also introduce Lewis’ policy pillars here, with a link to learn more about his platform.


A dynamically generated blog carousel here creates opportunities for users to learn even more about Lewis and the campaign.


The lower section and footer have more calls to action and resource links, as well as social embeds and a Mailchimp subscription form.
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