Digital Signage Reel

MULTO DIGITAL SIGNAGE REEL has updated our digital signage reel, featuring work with brands such as Diesel OTC, Escada, Athleta, Nike, Rayban, Ponderosa, Pepsi and more. We do full scale digital signage rollouts or can custom design a single location video wall for your needs. From design to installation to content production, has you covered!

Motion Graphics Reel

MULTO EFX REEL has updated our Motion Graphics EFX Reel, with great new pieces of titling and effects work. We have worked with brands like Escada, Diesel, Rayban, Nike, Prudential, Pepsi, Ponderosa, Rag & Bone, SWATCH and more. We can produce any kind of titling, effects or graphics work you need, for broadcast or digital signage use.

Rok Music Video Shoot & Post

We are currently in post production for the music video Rok Wit It by Rok (Ana Rokafella Garcia aka La Roka). This multicam shoot and edit was shot on location in the Bronx at Camaradas El Barrio. It was a very efficient shoot, done in 3 hours. We expect the full video to be done […]

Funlyfe Video Shoot

Funlyfe held a cookout last night, to celebrate the video shoot of a new freestyle video by Hak Lyfe. The entire Funlyfe Family came out to enjoy the good food and be a part of the video. Below are some highlights of the photo booth we had on set to capture some of the fun:

Rockin’ With You has been at the cutting edge of streaming video technologies for over a decade. Now, a new app, Switcher Studio, offers the show directing environment on an iPad. What used to take an entire rack of equipment can now be done with an iPad and a few iPhones, to Facebook Live and YouTube Live. […]

Tony Awards 2016

Tony Awards created the final slides for the Tony Awards Announcements in early May 2016. Our team was able to produce the last minute slides for the live broadcast as the nominees were being voted on. An overnight production allowed for stunning visuals and smooth broadcast. was hired by GLOW NYC for this production, and […]